The craft

Tucked away in the woods of Maine, the scorching hot forge of Black Dog Ironworks keeps the winter chill away. It’s warm red glow lights up the workshop for Matthew Foster, the shops owner. Often hard at work, Matthew creates distinctive hand forged objects that challenge the integrity of any store bought substitute. An artist at heart, he considers each of his designs to be reflections of the unique rustic character that defines much of northern Maine. With focus and purposeful action, each piece is thoughtfully crafted with hammer and anvil. Once in hand, the weight and visceral significance of each item defines them as heirlooms.


Black Dog Ironworks is operated from my home in rural Maine. The name comes from my two black dogs, Dakota, a German Shepard and Henley, a black lab & Catahoula mix. Each of my pieces is handmade using traditional and modern blacksmithing techniques. I honed my craft as an art student at the University of Maine where I studied sculpture. In between sculpture projects and commissions, I work in my tiny garage studio, making functional ironwork for anybody who loves products with character.

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